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She’s a Stone Cold Fox

Stone Cold Fox is one of my all time favorite brands. Each of their pieces embodies my style aesthetic. Both modern and vintage, each LA made piece is absolutely timeless.

All of my Stone Cold Fox items are like a treasure. I must admit they are a little pricey, but I have a few secrets I used to score all my Stone Cold Fox pieces:

  1. Subscribe to their newsletter. They have Spring Cleaning and Black Friday sales that are amazing. I got this Dryden dress, which is usually $430 for $102.
  2. Stay updated with their social media accounts. If they have a sample sale, that’s usually where they post first. Be prepared to get there early. The line gets long fast.
  3. Follow the items you like on eBay. The items are usually pre-owned, but you can get great deals and some sellers will negotiate the price with you.

Dress Stone Cold Fox
Boots Zara
Clutch YSL

Let me know in the comments below some of your strategies to score your favorite designers!


Alyssa Ren

Photography: @izwitdabiz

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