Welcome, 2019!

Happy 2019 babes! I hope your New Year’s Eve was filled with love, laughter, and a whole lot of bubbly. Mine sure did. As I reflect on the last year and think about my goals for 2019, I can’t help but call 2018 my biggest year yet. It was the year I vowed my love for life to my husband. I joined a creative collective where I styled shoots more behind the camera than in front of the camera and met some amazingly talented people who inspire me constantly.

If you’ve seen some of my earlier posts, then you know I started this blog as a creative outlet to express myself passionately through my style and hopefully inspire in some way. But with my wedding this year and planning it all in less than 6 months, I had to put a pause on my passion project. One of my goals for 2019 is to stay committed and consistent with my blog.

I don’t usually set “resolutions,” but the start of a new year is the time for me to reflect on all the things I’m thankful for and evaluate where I hope to be this time next year. The following are just a few of my plans for the next 365 days:

  1. Growing My Blog: As I mentioned I want to work on pursuing my blog and growing my audience. This space is something I really value and the support I’ve received so far has been so incredible that I hope to build on this positive momentum (Thank you all!!).
  2. Working as a Stylist: Many of you don’t know that I interned for a celebrity stylist who works with Big Sean, Kelly Rowland, and Justine Sky to name a few. And it was one of the most challenging jobs I’ve ever had, but I loved every minute of it. Last year, I was accepted to a creative collective as both a model and a stylist, which gave me the opportunity to work with incredibly talented creatives and collaborate as a stylist. I hope I can do more of this. Styling is my dream job in this industry.
  3. Paying Off Debt: Probably my hardest goal for this year is paying off my financial aid and credit card debt. Shocker, a fashion blogger with massive amounts of credit card debt! But hey, it happens and I’m already one credit card down, just 4 more to go. Maybe sharing my tips on managing debt can help you guys too! We’ll see how I do, first.

As I get to work on some wedding posts, let me know in the comments below anything you want to see from me this next year and what some of your goals are. I wish you all love, health, and happiness in 2019. Cheers to 2019!


Alyssa Ren

Photography: Rudee Michelle & Tawni Nicole

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