We’re Having a Baby!!

We’re having a baby!!! Well we actually already had our baby, but my maternity leave has finally given me the chance to write about it and make it “blog official”. Better late than never, am I right?!?

We weren’t sure we were going to have a gender reveal, but with everything going on in the world today, I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that we did. As someone who loves to throw a good party, I’m still so sad that we weren’t able to have a proper baby shower. And looking back at these pictures I’m so thankful we were able to have at least one party to celebrate our baby’s upcoming arrival.



My doctor concealed the gender results and delivered it to our bakery, so the results were a complete surprise. And I was 100% convinced we were having a boy. Early on in my pregnancy I randomly became so overwhelmed with emotion because something told me we were having a boy and I did always picture myself as a boy mom. I’ll be honest I didn’t want a girl to give me the same headaches I gave my mom when I was younger. I guess that’s what you call karma.
On the other hand, about a year prior right before Tim’s Nana passed she said that we were going to have a girl. I probably should have known better than to doubt her, because she was right!


The reveal was pre-covid and very intimate with only our closest friends and family. All vendors we used are listed below.
Signage Blushing Moments
Tableware Harlow & Grey
Cake SusieCakes
Photography Larissa Raquel

Alyssa Ren

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